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Our Service Rates & Policy

1 Car Seat Quick Checkup

  • Inspection* with Pointers
  • 15-20 minute session

1 Car Seat Installation & Training

  • Comprehensive** Safety Lesson
  • 30-60 minute session

Additional Safety Seat

  • Each Additional Car Seat
  • Requires add’l 15-20 minutes

Additional Infant Base

  • Each Additional Infant Seat Base
  • Requires add’l 15-20 minutes

Already read your manuals, installed your seat, and feel confident about your car seat use?… Schedule us for a Quick Car Seat Checkup. Have our professionals check it, so you can know for sure! This quick inspection typically runs 15-20 minutes, during which a CPST will check the installation and use, give some pointers on any minor adjustments, and provide helpful take-home materials. However, if your installation requires critical changes, or the appointment takes over 30 minutes, it will be considered a comprehensive installation and safety lesson.

Learn all you need to know to keep your little one safe in the car. Our comprehensive lesson includes:
  • Car seat installation in the safest vehicle location & training (learn how to install it),
  • Baseless installation training (if applicable),
  • Harnessing & adjustment as your child grows (with your child present or using our training dolls),
  • Safety in-and-around your vehicle (learn about projectiles, accessories, passengers, hazards, etc),
  • Car seat safety outside of the vehicle (injury prevention, safe sleep, seasonal safety, etc),
  • Next steps and optional remote support (before or anytime after your appointment),
  • Much more! … Check out more info about What to Expect

This informative session typically runs 30-60 minutes with additional 15 min for any additional seats or bases.

House Call

+15add'l (may apply)
  • Service at your Staten Island Location

Urgent & Same-Day

+15add'l (may apply)
  • We will do our best to accommodate!

Late Cancellation

$20(may apply)
  • Refer to Cancellation Policy

Special Needs

  • We are trained in adaptive CPS technology. Contact us for info.

Adjunct Equipment

  • Free

Location outside SI

  • Contact us for services throughout parts of NYC and NJ.

Although How-To-Safety is NOT a free service, our goal is to help prevent child injuries and deaths!  We do not want to discourage parents and caregivers from getting potentially life-saving help due to service costs.  When it comes to paying for our time and expertise, let us know if you are unable to pay our rates in full. We will try to accommodate to fit your budget. Please inform us when you are scheduling your appointment.

Before Your Appointment

Cancellation Policy

  • Kindly give us 24 hour notice if you are unable to keep your appointment time. We will do all that we can to accommodate you. This policy is in place to account for our time spent in preparation for your appointment, as well as being unable to accommodate another family during your appointment time.
  • No-shows, or short notice cancellations, may be subject to a cancellation fee of $20 prior to rescheduling another appointment time.
  • If you are running late, simply contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you and minimize the need to reschedule your session. If you can not be reached, we will wait up to 20 minutes.

Best Practice Policy

How-to-SAFETY does not advocate unsafe or unlawful practices. You will be encouraged to use your child restraint in a way that reflects best practices as per American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), using guidelines that are safest for child occupants and more stringent than state law minimums. Adhering to Best Practices is a parental choice, however, we will not assist with any installation that goes against state laws, or manufacturer instructions. Your car seat must be appropriate for your child’s age, limits within child’s size, meet US Safety Standard FMVSS-213 and not be past expiration date. If you are unsure about your car seat, please contact us in advance of your appointment to clarify.


The sole purpose of this program and/or service is to help reduce the incidence of improper child safety seat installations. This inspection is provided as an educational service. This program and/or service cannot fully evaluate the quality, safety or condition of the child safety seat, any child safety seat provided or any component of a vehicle, including the seats or safety belts. This program and/or service cannot guarantee a child’s safety in a vehicle collision. It is important for the user to read and follow the instruction manuals for both the vehicle and the car seat. For these reasons, How-To-Safety and each of its divisions, subsidiaries, employees, agents, successors and assigns and other operating entities; and any program and/or service participants are released from any present or future liability for any injuries or damages that may result from a vehicle collision or otherwise.

Incomplete Service Policy

With the vast combination of car seats, vehicles and children, we are often faced with a wide variety of situations where there are multiple or conflicting solutions.  Despite our efforts, sometimes the vehicle and car seat may not be compatible, or the seat is not a proper fit for your child. If the seat you have results in improper installation or unsafe use, we will encourage you to purchase a seat that will work, and return to complete the lesson. A $20 follow-up fee may apply.

By completing the Registration Form to your best knowledge, you can help us to prepare for your specific needs and to identify some complications that may arise in advance. If you have not yet purchased a seat, we may be able to offer a recommendation that best suits your needs.

Making a Payment

For your convenience, we accept payments via Credit, Debit, or PayPal. We also accept Cash payments at the time of your appointment.

  1. Select one of our services from the drop down menu and click the Add to Cart button. You will be directed to PayPal.
    • If you need to select more than one service, click Continue Shopping in the PayPal window to return back to this page. Once you choose another service, you will again be directed to PayPal where both services will appear in Your Shopping Cart.
  2. Once you complete your payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you via PayPal.
  3. How-To-Safety can confirm your payment anytime before or during your appointment.

**We accept all major credit cards…
Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard.**

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