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Car Seat Inspection & Installation

Car seats are confusing. We can help!


  • STEP 2: Complete our online REGISTRATION FORM, this way we are prepared for your session.

  • STEP 3: Come to our location, or we can come to you.

  • STEP 4: Pay for service prior to or during your session. Rates & Policy

  • Contact us with any questions.

Schedule an Appointment

Expectant parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment 1-2 months prior to the baby due date. Don’t wait until the last minute – sometimes babies arrive early!

If you have not yet purchased a car seat or unsure about the safety of your car seat, you can contact us for free a consultation.

What to expect

  • Please allow approximately 30-90 minutes for a comprehensive session.
  • We don’t just install it for you – we will show you and teach you how to install your car seat(s) so that you can confidently replicate a proper installation anytime.
  • The following information (and more) will be covered during the session:
    • Ensuring you are using the correct seat based on your child’s age, weight and height.
    • State laws, best practices and manufacturer guidelines.
    • We will check your car seat for recalls.
    • Proper installation (based on your car seat specifications, vehicle requirements, child’s specifications, seating location, and other logistics)
    • Proper use: harnessing, adjustments as the child grows, seasonal safety, common errors and solutions.
    • Safety in-and-around cars: airbags, projectiles, pets, preventing entanglement, heatstroke, and positional asphyxia.
    • Unconventional uses, taxis, and airplanes.
    • Unregulated aftermarket products.
    • Next steps in car seat safety.
  • We will provide take-home materials with additional information.

Preparing for your appointment

  • Please fill out the online Appointment Registration Form. This lets us be more prepared for your appointment.
  • During your appointment we will need to know your child’s:
    • Age, Weight, and Height
    • If your child will not be present during the seat check, we may also need to know your child’s torso height (seated shoulder height). Here is how you can measure it:
      • Sit your child into the car seat and note where the child’s shoulders are relative to the back of the seat (or between which harness slots are the shoulders).
      • Alternately, sit your child on the floor against a wall. Measure up from the floor to the top of the shoulder.
  • If possible, please read your car seat manual and/or attempt to install the car seat before your appointment.

What to bring

  • Your child’s car seat and all of it’s parts. If you have all of the parts (carrier, base, cupholders, inserts, padding, belt webbing, etc). We may need these parts.
  • Your child, if possible. It’s best to have your child attend the car seat check to make sure the seat fits the child properly. If you will not be bringing your child with you, please make sure to check the child’s accurate torso height as described above. If your child has not been born yet, you will learn proper harnessing on a demo doll.
    • The installation process requires your attention, so having another adult with you to help watch your child can be very helpful.
  • If possible, bring both the car seat manual and your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Parents, grandparents, nannies, and any other caregivers that transport the child are welcome to join the car seat safety lesson.

pin56How-to-SAFETY location

  • South Shore (primary location): Rathbun Ave at Arden Ave, Staten Island, NY 10312
    • Safe street parking is available on Rathbun Ave (around the corner off of Arden Ave)
  • House Calls:  Appointments can be scheduled at YOUR location (home, hospital, store, etc). Additional fee may apply.
  • In the event of rain or harsher weather, an alternate location may be suggested. Please dress appropriately for the weather.